Basic Photography Tips For Beginners

Digital cameras are becoming more and more popular these days. Anyone can get great pictures, without having to take film to the drugstore, and waiting for it to be developed. You can plug the memory card into your computer, and view the results instantly. Some basic photography tips, though, will make the difference between good photos and great photos.

reflex camera with colorful photos on white backgroundFirst of all, you should know how to use your camera. Whether you’re using a simple point and shoot camera or a fancy DSLR, you should know how to operate the controls on your camera. In a lot of cases, the automatic settings on your camera, especially newer cameras, will provide adequate results under most conditions. You should know, however, how to change the settings on the camera for different settings.

Pay attention to the lighting of the photo. Brighter isn’t always better. Choose a bright sunny day, and take several pictures of the same subject at different times of the day. You’ll find that the lighting in the morning and the evening is much softer than the harsh light of noon. The higher the sun is in the sky, the harsher the shadows will be. This can especially be a problem when taking photos of people. Depending on the angle of the light, you will either find the eyes of the subject in deep shadow, or they will be squinting from the bright light.

Composition is an important consideration in taking good photos. Most of the time, you do not want the subject of the photo centered in the frame, either horizontally or vertically. When you’re composing your photo, keep in mind the rule of thirds. Mentally divide the photo into thirds horizontally and vertically. Try to place the focal point of the photo at the intersection of two of the dividing lines. If you’re taking landscape photos, try to keep the horizon out of the center of the picture. Place it at either the lower third or the upper third, depending on whether the focus is the land or the sky.

When you’re composing your photo, especially landscapes, you’ll want to look at leading lines. Ideally, the viewers’ eyes will be drawn to the focal point by leading lines. Look for diagonals and curves that draw the eyes into the photo. Diagonals and curves are more dynamic than straight horizontal and vertical lines.

Keep in mind that rules are made to be broken. There are times when you do want the horizon centered. This may be especially desirable if the photo features a strong reflection in a lake or pond. There may also be times when vertical and horizontal leading lines will work better than curves and diagonal lines. Just look at the scene, and decide for yourself what will work best.
A lot of people are getting into photography these days. Some people are happy just taking snapshots and that’s fine but if you want to take striking photos, however, these basic photography tips will certainly help you.

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Written by Janet

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