How To Make Your Own Beading Patterns

Beading is a craft that has an extremely vivid history all over the world. This art is one that has a place in so many cultures from the Native American to the Czech. In almost every corner of the world there is some tradition having to do with beading and these traditions allow for much information to be gleaned from each of these areas.

bead prayer meditation meditate closeup thai buddhismBeading patterns are therefore sometimes region specific. Knowing where to look for a beading pattern can sometimes be difficult and can entirely depend upon the materials being used, intended use of the finished product, and the geographical area. Each of these items help determine the best patterns to look into for personal use.

In much of the art world, these patterns are seen as personal art. For this reason, directly copying the work of someone else is recommended against. Instead, finding inspiration and altering patterns is a much better method if true inspiration can be found. The art of beading is extremely close knit in many places and acceptance can be contingent on understand this information.

For more mainstream patterns, there are many sites that will sell patterns and allow the user to pick from their collection. These do not usually come with the beads, string, or anything else to do the project. On the bright side, these patterns can often be used multiple times giving you a chance to make a whole collection if your particularly like a pattern. These patterns are not to be used for commercial purposes.

Searching online may bring of many free patterns. These patterns are usually made by someone who wanted to share them. This means using them for your own personal use is fine, but selling merchandise using them should usually be avoided. These also do not come with as much support as buying a pattern.

Drafting one’s own pattern is also a possibility. Each bead can be though of in terms of a pixel or a square on graph paper. Either on paper or in a graphical program, colors, lines, and patterns can be experimented with until the desired pattern is found and ready to be beaded. These are suitable for commercial use and one can even sell the patterns themselves if they wish.

Usually when creating a pattern the biggest part is determining the colors. With an almost limitless supply of beads in the current world, this can be trickier than it sounds. A green pattern may have several different shades of green all needing to be figured out before the beading process begins. Making sure that colors won’t class ensures that the finished products are as beautiful as possible.

While making your own beading patterns can seem scary at first, thinking of the beads as pixels or squares can help you see the possibilities within a given pattern. If you can look at an image and imagine it as a series of pixels or blocks you can turn it into a pattern for beading.

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Written by Janet

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