Preschool Crafts That Are Simple And Fun

Because small children are easily entertained, the younger they are the more simple crafts can be as well. Bright colors, large items, primary colors, basic shapes, numbers, and letters make up the bulk of options. In addition, smaller children love touching things around them to explore the world.

children making by hands and playing with doughPreschool crafts can combine any or all of these elements to make for an enriching experience in the eyes of the children. Many household items can become simple crafts that the children will enjoy for hours on end.

Finger puppets are one of the most fun experiences for children. Almost anything that fits on the finger from old glove tips to taped pieces of plastic can be made into these puppets. Allowing the children to decorate with glitter, yarn, beads, sticks, and almost anything they can find allows for personalization. After they are finished, the children can put on a play or simply play among each other with these simple puppets.

For larger puppets, paper towel or toilet paper rolls can be used. these can also be used to make percussion instruments by taping off the ends and filling them with rice, beans, or anything small. Allowing the children to decorate them first will see you having a unique band that can put on a performance for parents, get out excess amounts of energy, and make the noise children so love in a controlled setting.

Making houses, items, and settings out of Popsicle sticks is another fun form of crafting. Simple giving the children glue sticks, a pile of these sticks, and an idea will see the most interesting village you could ever think of constructed in record time. Allowing markers, glitter, or other additives can take this experience to the whole next level.

Dress-up is always a fun experience for most toddlers and above. Making jewelry to go with this experience can be an exciting exercise. Using macaroni for beads, construction paper for hats, and fake jewels for additions can have a whole room of firefighters, princesses, cats, and movies stars showing off their personalities and individuality through simple crafting. Making the pages come alive shows them that reading is fun, valid, and something they can experience with more than just their eyes.

To re-create fairy tales, construction paper can be colored, taped,and molded to fit kids, toys, and even tables. In this way a dragon, a princess, a gallant knight, an evil witch, or even a giant pond can be constructed within a very short period of time. Turning story time into an interactive activity allows for greater connection to the material and for each child to showcase their different interest.

Preschool crafts might be one of the most interesting crafting groups possible. Because of the bright options, the limitless imagination, and the boundless energy the kids exhibit, they are easy to entertain and possibly more entertaining to their carer. Combining crafts with lessons can help drive home core concepts without seeming like a learning experience. This act of making learning fun can help set these children up for a lifetime of learning, happiness, fun, and limitless potential.

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Written by Janet

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